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(MIMC) MELAKA INTERNATIONAL MOTORSPORTS CIRCUIT is the largest go kart 1.6 km track on the south East Asia. MIMC is The Malaysia 2nd International Standard Status Circuit after S.I.C Sepang.

Longest Distance
• Cars will be divided into 2 categories (automatic and manual transmission)
• Cars are to run on the circuit until they stop.
• Cars that archived the longest distance with the least amount of penalties will be declared the winner.

Engineering Presentation
• Each team will be given a booth with display boards for them to put up their modification information.
• Judges will be going around the booth display area. Teams are given only 5 minutes to give a brief explanation about their modification information.
• The booth must be manned at all times during the day to field questions from the media and public.

Design and Decoration
• the design aspect (aerodynamics, visual, etc) will be factor in awarding points to the teams.
• All teams are required to decorate their car and booth according to their own theme – ECO, nature, environment, earth, etc.
• All teams are required to insert their institution logo on both side of the front doors for easy identification by the race marshals during race.

Attendance and Participation
• Points will be awarded to the team with the best participation not just from their team members but also from their own supporters from each institution.